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Statement By Jesse Brown On Afghanistan Debacle & Bill Keating’s Silence

PLYMOUTH – The Jesse Brown for Congress campaign today released the following statement regarding the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and Foreign Affairs Committee Member Bill Keating’s silence:

The chaotic and disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has done untold damage to U.S. interests and credibility. To be clear, this outcome was not inevitable as some would have us believe. The U.S. could have withdrawn a substantial number of our remaining troops while maintaining a small contingent of allied forces to protect the important work of the past two decades.

Congressman Bill Keating, as usual, is silent in the face of this crisis despite his oversight role on the Foreign Affairs Committee. The debacle we are witnessing is attributable to a complete lack of leadership, and if Bill Keating has proved anything during his decade in Congress it is that he is no leader.


Jesse Brown Served In The Middle East As A Sergeant In The Marine Corps.

Jesse Brown Has Been Speaking Out On The Consequences Of The Incompetent Withdrawal Since It Began, And Predicted The Likely Fall Of The Afghan Government Weeks Ago. “The Biden administration has botched the Afghanistan pullout. It is right to want to get our troops out, but Biden has totally deserted our allies there, cost us 20 years of goodwill and trust, and allowed the Taliban to quickly retake large portions of the country (along with treasure troves of abandoned US military equipment) on its way to likely overthrowing the current government.” (Jesse Brown For Congress Facebook Post, July 8, 2021)

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