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State Committeewoman Kim Palmer Endorse Jesse Brown for Congress

PLYMOUTH, Mass. – The Jesse Brown for Congress campaign today announced the endorsement of State Committeewoman Kim Palmer. Palmer represents the First Bristol Plymouth district including Carver, Marion, Middelborough, and Wareham in the 9th District.

“As a veteran and and fellow business owner, Jesse has what it takes to get the job done. He isn’t a career politician, he is someone who makes things happen.” said Palmer. “He is also the only Republican who can bring together our party and drive us to victory.”

Brown stated, “I am grateful to have Committeewoman Palmer’s endorsement. As a business owner, she sees how badly small businesses in the 9th need a representative in Washington who understands them, and will get things done.”

Kim Palmer is the latest in a growing list of Republican leaders in the 9th District who have endorsed Brown, including Representative David DeCoste, Plymouth County Commissioner Jared Valanzola, Patrick Stanton, and Nancy Stanton-Cross, the Republican State Committeeman and Committeewoman from the First Bristol and Plymouth District.

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