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Jesse Brown Calls on Keating to Join Him in Opposing Suffolk DA Rachel Rollins for U.S. Attorney

Soft-on-crime, anti-cop D.A. is the wrong choice as nation battles crime surge

PLYMOUTH – 9th Congressional District candidate Jesse Brown issued the following statement today regarding the Biden Administration’s nomination of Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins to become the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts:

I strongly oppose the Biden Administration’s decision to nominate D.A. Rachel Rollins as U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts. Prosecutors are responsible for seeing that our laws are enforced against criminals, but Rollins ignores our laws and refuses to prosecute serious crimes such as larceny, destruction of property, resisting arrest and many others. Rollins’ reckless comments about police officers demonstrates a vicious contempt toward the law enforcement community. It is a slap in the face to the police and the public that someone with such a record should be promoted to top federal prosecutor in the state. As our nation battles a crime surge, I cannot stand by as someone who emboldens criminals and attacks our police is nominated for a position charged enforcing our laws and protecting the public. I urge the U.S. Senate to oppose this nomination and call on Congressman Keating to use his position to advocate against it.


  • The Boston Police Union condemned Rollin’s Tweet “We are being murdered at will by the police”

  • CNN has reported a 33% increase in violent crime in major cities across the country

  • Rollins’ website shows 15 crimes she refuses to prosecute.

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