• Brandon Goldman

Jesse Brown Calls for Series of Debates with Congressman Keating

PLYMOUTH, Mass. - Jesse Brown today invited Representative Bill Keating to a set of formal debates before the General Election on November 8th. His letter to Keating reads as follows:

Congressman Keating,

The people of the 9th District deserve to hear from both of us on the important issues of the day to make an informed decision this November. With the many pressing challenges facing our Commonwealth and nation, it is more important than ever that voters hear our competing visions for the future. Therefore, I am calling on you to join me for three public debates during the months of October and November, including at least one television debate on a major station, and one radio debate broadcasted on the popular WBZ show NightSide with Dan Rea, who has graciously agreed to host the two of us on his program.

A series of public debates with a candid exchange of our different ideas and policy prescriptions is the best way to offer the voters a real choice in the upcoming election.

I am uninterested in a debate on debates. As far as I’m concerned, beyond what should be our mutual interest in reaching the broadest audience possible, I am ready anytime and any place. I look forward to your prompt response.

Thank you,

Jesse Brown

Candidate for Congress, MA-9th District

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