On the Issues



Inflation is at its highest level in 40 years, causing real pain for working families. Whether at the gas pump or the supermarket, skyrocketing costs are devaluing our hard-earned dollars. Years of reckless spending in Washington caused the problem, and fiscal responsibility is needed to solve it. We need to restore fiscal sanity and pro-growth economic policies to get rising prices under control. 

Securing the Border

Jesse Brown has seen firsthand from his visit to the U.S.-Mexico border how the flood of undocumented migrants threatens American sovereignty and security.  Border Patrol is understaffed and underfunded. We must provide them with the resources they need to prevent unauthorized crossings while reestablishing a fair and humane system to process legal immigrants and legitimate asylum seekers.

Crime and Safety

Keeping our communities safe means we must strongly support law enforcement and first responders. Men and women in blue are the first line of defense in the fight against crime, and they deserve support and funding from Congress. Jesse Brown pledges to be one of the strongest advocates for public safety in the federal government.


It's no secret that our healthcare system needs to be fixed, especially coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brown strongly believes that a more free market approach will bring down costs and put the patient first. Allowing providers to compete freely with one another will help achieve more transparency, lower costs, and greater innovation. Healthcare is simply too important to be left up to bureaucrats in Washington.  


Every child in America deserves a quality education regardless of their zipcode. Because not every public school will meet the needs of individual children and families, there must be alternatives readily available. Whether it is a public, private, charter, or technical school, parents must have the freedom to make these choices for their own children.


Energy independence is crucial for our national security and to ensure affordable fuel for our vehicles and homes. We should not be at the mercy of our geopolitical adversaries while there are thousands of good jobs to be had here at home. We must restore American energy production while we transition to affordable alternative sources of energy. 

Economy and Jobs

A thriving economy requires pro-growth policies that help create a strong middle class. Being a small business owner, Jesse Brown knows what it takes to create jobs. Getting rid of burdensome regulations and keeping taxes low will spur growth and allow Americans the freedom to succeed. 

Foreign Policy

The United States of America faces major threats from our geopolitical adversaries including China, Russia, and Iran. In order to avoid escalation and conflict, we must lead through strength. Maintaining peace requires cooperation with our allies while deterring our adversaries from expanding their presence on the world stage. 

Caring for our Veterans

Jesse Brown served in the Marine Corps for four years before being honorably discharged as a Sergeant. In 2013, he founded Heidrea for Heroes, a charity that has helped over 1,000 returning veterans and their families. Brown knows the challenges veterans face after returning home, which is why he will always fight to keep the promises we made to them when they signed up to serve, including ensuring access to high quality healthcare. 


Conserving our environment is an important responsibility of government, and it must ensure every American has access to clean air and clean water. Additionally, rising sea levels are eroding our coastlines in Massachusetts which threatens coastal homes and businesses as well as our tourism and marine economies. We must do more to reinforce our shorelines and protect our valuable coastal resources.


Across the country, housing has become unaffordable for too many. To bring costs down, we must make it easier for developers to build as well as bring down the costs of building materials. Jesse Brown believes in reducing regulatory barriers that stand in the way of new home development.